Mass Effect 3: Thoughts on the ending

•March 24, 2012 • Leave a Comment

Spoiler Alert: This post contains massive spoilers on the plot and current endings to Mass Effect 3.  Do not read if you wish to experience the end for yourself!

By now, you probably have already heard of all the commotion on the Mass Effect 3 ending(s) and how much they “sucked” and made no sense.  I didn’t bother reading up on any of this until I finished the game, however, since I’ve finished the game, I am inclined to agree.  Also having a baby recently (the day before ME3 release date) drew my attention away from the media, giving me time focused on the game itself (when not focused on the baby).  The Mass Effect universe was (and is) beautifully done, the story amazing and emotional, but the ending definitely didn’t live up to the bar raised by the trilogy.  Perhaps that bar was set too high or that the community was expecting too much?  Could the Mass Effect story ended any other way?  Here’s my take on this subject…

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MegaHouse: Sora Kasugano

•February 5, 2010 • Leave a Comment

Happy Birthday, Sora!

After being delayed for about a month, MegaHouse’s Sora Kasugano is released and I received her just in time for her birthday!

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Banpresto Ichiban Kuji (Encore Edition) Ranka Lee Review

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Like the Sheryl Nome and Klan Klang figures I received earlier, this Ranka Lee figure is part of Banpresto’s Ichiban Kuji (Premium Prize) set.  And also like her predecessors, this Ranka is a re-release limited edition that Banpresto dubbed the Encore Edition.  While I love the silver color scheme of the Encore Edition, I think Ranka looks the worst out of the three.  Something about the yellow, white and silver just doesn’t seem all that compatible.  Out of the three, Ranka is the only one that I think look better in the original color scheme; while the yellow and orange seem to fit her personality, the silver and white on her feels a little cold.  But since I wanted to complete the set, here she is!

Ranka Lee

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Banpresto Klan Klang (Encore Edition) Review

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I received Klan Klan shortly after the Banpresto Sheryl Nome figure which makes Klan Klang my fourth figure. Although she was the fourth figure I collected, she will be the first figure I’ll be reviewing. Maybe I’m just bored or have nothing else better to do at the moment, but I got a bunch of figures over the past month to go along with my collection of Macross Valkyries. I’ve been wanting to complete some more photos of my Valkyries as well as write some reviews of them but never got around to it. Since these figures are stationary, I found it a bit easier to start with and so that’s where I’ll start.

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